Oral Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

Oral sedation is a type of procedure that makes you feel like you’re dreaming or taking a light nap while you’re in the dental chair. Instead of using an IV sedative, oral sedation uses a prescription medication that is taken about an hour before your treatment.

Once it takes effect, the sedative makes you feel very sleepy during the rest of your visit. You will be able to answer simple questions, but you most likely won’t remember a single thing. That’s because the medication is also an amnesiac.

Perfect for Same Day Dental Treatment

If you want to have all of your dental treatment completed at one time, oral sedation is a great way to make it happen. The sedative lasts for a few hours, allowing us to finish all of your care needs during one appointment. You will continue to feel sleepy until after you get home, so be sure to have a friend drive you.

Ask about oral sedation during your treatment plan consultation!