Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Dentists have used laughing gas for decades as a way to help their patients feel relaxed, lighthearted, and desensitized during their dental procedure. Aden Dental offers nitrous oxide for any type of dental visit, from root canals to cleanings.

Benefits to Nitrous Oxide

There are many advantages to electing nitrous oxide during your visit. It isn’t like deeper types of sedation, because you are still awake during the treatment. Rather, nitrous allows you to:

  • Return to normal activities as soon as your procedure is complete
  • Drive yourself home after your appointment
  • Calm your anxieties during any type of service
  • Remain fully conscious

Nitrous is safe and effective for all ages and backgrounds. There are only a few contraindications, such as sinus congestion. Its affordable fee makes it a perfect option for every patient.

Don’t put your dental visit off any longer. Ask about nitrous oxide during your next trip to us.