IV Sedation Offers the Ultimate Relaxation Experience

Are you a person that keeps putting off your dental care needs because of how much you dislike going to the dentist? Do you have more complex treatments that need to be completed, but feel nervous about how comfortable you will be during the experience? If you are – then IV sedation is exactly what you’re looking for.

The Deepest Safe Sedation

IV sedation is the safest level of deep sedation that a licensed sedation dentist will offer. But that doesn’t mean that just any dentist will! Dr. Dang is a skilled sedation dentist that is able to offer this service to her patients. During IV sedation, all medication is delivered intravenously and quickly relaxes patients into a deep sleep. Once the treatment is over, the medication is stopped and the patient wakes back up.

We are happy to discuss IV sedation with all of our patients. It is typically recommended for services like wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation. Call us for more information.