Extractions for Therapeutic and Restorative Purposes

A comfortable extraction procedure is something we want for all of our patients. We offer in-house extractions and surgical tooth removal procedures when restoring the tooth is not an option.

Tooth Extractions

Untreated dental disease eventually becomes a condition that cannot be managed with restorative techniques. Removing the tooth completely may be the best option for our patients in some cases.

Extractions are commonly used when conditions or needs exist such as:

  • Denture therapy
  • Orthodontics
  • Broken roots
  • Periodontal disease
  • Severe decay or abscesses
  • Emergencies

Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes it’s necessary to remove wisdom teeth due to little room in the jaw. This creates impacted teeth and an environment for infections. Even nearby teeth can suffer from the way a wisdom tooth does or does not erupt. Our sedation options allow patients to comfortably have their wisdom teeth removed here in our office in a safe and convenient manner.

Your Comfort Comes First

All extractions are performed using local anesthesia. Sedation options like nitrous oxide, oral, or IV sedation are also available to patients. We want you to enjoy a comfortable experience at all times. Call us to find out more about these services.