Removable Partials and Dentures

If you have several teeth that need to be replaced, dentures have traditionally been the go-to choice for decades. Made of acrylic or metal-acrylic bases, our partials and dentures provide patients with a simple way to enhance their smile’s function as well as appearance.

Simple, Straightforward Tooth Replacement

Removable dentures are fitted so that they are secured by creating suction against your gum tissues. They can be either immediate (placed as soon as any necessary teeth are removed) or conventional (after healing has taken place following any extractions.) Our All-on-4 dentures can also be permanently supported by dental implants.

Full dentures replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower arch while partial dentures replace several teeth at one time, but clasp in place around any healthy teeth that are still present.

A Bigger Impact On Your Life

In addition to replacing your teeth, dentures also enhance your facial profile and support the muscles that you use during talking or chewing. You’ll feel more confident doing everyday things like talking to your friends, going out for lunch or just smiling in public.

Stop putting off a healthy, comfortable smile. Visit Aden Dental to find out which of our denture options can help you enjoy your smile again.