Dental Veneers Offer Dramatic Results

Have you ever wished that you could have a completely new smile from top to bottom? It isn’t just an option for movie stars anymore. Thanks to dental veneers, everyday people are enjoying straighter, whiter, beautiful smiles that they can feel confident in.

Dental veneers cover the front of your natural teeth, creating the illusion of perfect teeth. They correct a number of aesthetic concerns like teeth that are:

  • Crooked
  • Gapped
  • Misshaped
  • Discolored
  • Chipped and worn

A New Smile in Minutes

The veneer treatment process takes 2-3 appointments, but the final delivery visit is quick and uncomplicated. Your initial consultation will be to discuss what aspects about your smile that you want to change. You may then need a preparation visit where the teeth are shaped and an impression is taken. If you are having no-prep veneers made, then only an impression is taken.

Two weeks later your permanent veneers will be ready for delivery. A short visit is all that is needed to bond each veneer to your teeth. In just a short visit, you’ll have an entirely new smile.

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