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Dental crowns are a perfect smile restoration option

A person’s smile is one of the most noticeable feature in one’s appearance. People with a healthy, beautiful smile are naturally magnetic and likeable. However, if you have cracked, broken or severely decayed teeth, you might be reluctant to show off one of your biggest assets. Good news is that modern dentistry has a solution

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Five things you should know about Mouth Guards

Whether you are a professional athlete or you just practice sports for the fun of it, your smile is often at risk of damage, especially if you do any contact sports. To protect your grin from injuries, Bellevue dentists recommend that you use a mouth guard while enjoying your sports activities. What is a mouth

  • Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that must be treated!

If you often wake up with headaches or feel like you can’t get enough sleep, you should be aware that you might be suffering from a sleep disorder, like sleep apnea. According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than forty million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders and nearly twenty million are the adults, dealing

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5 Important things you should know about sedation

If you experience anxiety prior every visit to the dentist, like nearly 50% of all Americans, you should definitely consider trying comfort dentistry. Comfort or sedation dentistry is the practice of using sedatives to help patients relax during dental procedures. It is a great solution for all kind of dental treatment, including simple procedures, like

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Dental veneers can create a naturally beautiful smile for you

A perfect smile is definitely a great asset and can increase both your self-confidence and well-being. Therefore, it is no surprise that Americans are spending more than $2.75 billion per year on cosmetic dentistry and that figure is constantly increasing every year. One of the most effective and preferred ways to achieve the smile of

  • Achieve the perfect smile with Invisalign aligners from Aden Dental

Why is Invisalign the most convenient option for transforming your smile?

If you are not absolutely happy with the appearance of your smile, but your teeth are healthy and you don’t really want to go through cosmetic dentistry, the best option for you is going through orthodontic treatment. In fact, more than 5 million Americans are currently doing the same in order to achieve the smile

  • Dental implants from Aden Dental can restore your healthy, natural smile

Dental Implants can restore your healthy and beautiful smile

If you are worried about a missing tooth or more and you have been neglecting the problem for a while, you should know you are not the only one, as there are more than 100 million in the U.S. who are missing between 11 to 15 teeth and more than 20 million people in the

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Get painless and stress-free dental treatment experience with Oral Sedation

A visit to the dentist is seldom a pleasant and relaxing experience. All of us experience some kind of anxiety, prior to visiting the dentist and some will even get terrified just from the thought of getting some kind of a dental treatment. The American Dental Association reveals that more than 50% of Americans do

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The best ways of controlling and preventing bad breath

Also known as halitosis, bad breath is a condition that may affect anybody. Bad breath it is the result of a wide range of factors, including, food debris, dry mouth, smoking or illnesses. Most of the time, chronic bad breath is the result of tooth decay or diseases. But you don’t have to worry. You

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Is the electric toothbrush better than the manual one?

The time to choose a new toothbrush has come. Now, the same old question comes to mind: which type of toothbrush is better? Is it better to use the electrical toothbrush or the regular brush? In this article, you will learn about each type of toothbrush and how it can help you and your dental